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Chemical Cleaning

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TurnKey™ Chemical Cleaning

IFM offers chemical cleaning services to remove harmful rust, varnish, and other deposits found on the internal surfaces of piping systems. While we typically offer this service as a turn-key package paired with either a varnish removal or high-velocity oil flush, our team of experience pre-commissioning service experts have the experience to provide turn-key chemical cleaning services for a variety of applications: 

About Chemical Cleaning

Acid Cleaning Stainless Steel

The following contaminants are commonly found in stainless steel piping as a result of the pipe fabrication process: 


  • Dirt
  • Iron
  • Oil, paint, and grease
  • Oxide
  • Weld Spatter
Depending on the form of stainless and other factors such as the heat treatment method, IFM carefully selects the proper acid cleaning solution in order to minimize the impact to the stainless steel substrate. 

Pickle & Passivation of Carbon Steel

The following contaminants are commonly found in carbon steel piping as a result of the pipe fabrication process: 


  • Dirt
  • Varnish
  • Rust
  • Moisture
  • Weld Spatter
  • Mill scale

Following a thorough pickling of carbon steel, IFM passivates the metal to increase corrosion resistance and remove all free iron from the pipe surface. 


Why work with IFM?

  • Procedures in accordance with ASTM A380/A967
  • Commitment to safe handling and disposal of all project materials. 
  • Chemicals used include: Citric Acid, Sulfamic Acid, Nitric Acid
  • Reliable Quality Flushing Equipment
  • Excellent Contractor-Client Communications
  • Honest and Accurate Bidding
  • Safe, Professional, and Experienced Crews
  • Nightly Job Progress Updates
  • Detailed Post Job Reporting


Learn how IFM’s chemical cleaning services can help you achieve your commissioning & startup goals.

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