High Velocity Oil Flushing Skid

Lube Oil Flushing

Lube Oil Flushing is an essential service to safeguard and improve the performance of large rotating and reciprocating equipment that use lube oil systems. Lube Oil Flushing is performed to remove contaminants and deposits on the internal surfaces of these lube oil systems. Lube oil flushing is commonly used during the following phases and situations:

  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Catastrophic Failure
  • Oil Conversion

IFM goes through a rigorous Oil Flushing process to ensure that our clients receive the greatest results and mitigate risks. Our process includes:

  • Console Inspection / Cleaning
  • Flush Design & Flow Path Engineering
  • Pipefitting & Jumper Installation
  • Pre-Startup Inspection
  • Verification of Cleanliness
  • Project Documentation

Lube Oil Flush

IFM technicians will perform a HVOF on the system piping. Depending on the customer and/or OEM’s procedures and specifications, the following techniques may be used to dislodge debris and contaminants from the walls of the piping:

• Heat/Cool Cycles
• Active purging strategy
• Mechanically Knocking Piping
• Reverse Flow Manifolds

These techniques along with IFM’s proprietary flushing technologies will be utilized to free all debris from the piping. All flushing tactics will be agreed upon in writing through the process and procedure prior to the start of any flushing.

IFM provides turn-key lube oil flushing services including:

  • Engineered Solutions 
  • Process and Procedures in accordance with API 614 and major OEM oil flushing standards including GE, Elliott, Solar, Dresser-Rand, and Siemens.
  • Reliable Quality Flushing Equipment
  • Excellent Contractor-Client Communications
  • Honest and Accurate Bidding
  • Safe, Professional, and Experienced Crews
  • Nightly Job Progress Updates
  • Detailed Post Job Reporting


Learn how IFM’s lube oil flushing services can deliver turn-key reliability to your equipment operations.

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