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Vacuum Dehydrators

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We are proud to be a factory-authorized representative for Oil Filtration Systems’ Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System or VDOPS. If you are interested in learning why Oil Filtration Systems’ VDOPS is the best on the market, here is a very informative video: 


To support all your Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System needs, IFM offers the following services:

Equipment & Parts Sales

The Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System can remove emulsified, dissolved, and free water, resulting in 100ppm or lower after a single loop and 20ppm after several loops. These systems come with a highly effective filter that removes particulate contamination, resulting in an ISO particle count as low as 14/12/9. Unlike other systems, the VDOPS does not require a chilled water supply, just electricity. The VDOPS can also be equipped for varnish or acid removal, depending on your system’s precise needs.


To learn more about Oil Filtration Systems’ VDOPS call our experts to help you select the best vacuum dehydrator oil filtration system for your operation.


Equipment Rental

As a factory-authorized representative for Oil Filtration Systems, IFM has a fleet of various sized vacuum dehydrators available for rent. We offer both the NEMA 4 (Standard) VDOPS and the NEMA 7 (Explosion Proof) VDOPS in various flow rates. To determine which vacuum dehydrators are available and would best suit your project’s needs, please give our experts a call at 800.256.1250


Field Service & Support

Our engineering and lubrication specialists are available to provide onsite dehydration services to your existing equipment. Let us utilize our years of experience and knowledge of lubrication systems to help you with onsite incident support.


Preventative Maintenance Plans

Contaminants in your lubrication systems can lead to premature equipment failure. Let our specialists create a turnkey oil dehydration maintenance plan that will maximize your equipment’s productivity and reduce overall maintenance downtime.


Learn how IFM’s oil dehydration equipment can deliver turn-key reliability to your equipment operations.

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